Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kate at 15 months old

Kate is so much fun right now. She is running, climbing and getting into everything.Her hair has gotten SO curly. I keep hoping that it will eventually grow down instead of out. She rocks curly hair like no one else!
 Kate at 15 months old:
- Climbing on everything. Chairs, the kitchen table, into the bathtub, she climbs up on the step stool in the bathroom and into the bathroom sink. Heaven help me.
- Loves monkeys!
- Loves everyone, waves to strangers and loves animals. She isn't shy.
- She loves flies and little ants (gross!) Lucky for her we don't have a shortage of bugs out here in farm land.
- She is really into dancing lately. 
- Loves any toy that plays sounds or music.
- Loves bath time!
- She doesn't say many words, especially compared to Bella at this age, but she definitely communicates and gets her point across. She is getting good listening and completing small tasks (hand me the toy, help mom shut the door, sit down, etc.)
- She likes pulling hair and bites!
- She is really good at getting off her pants and diaper! Not good!
- She loves to play with big sister and tries to imitate everything Bella does. She thinks her big sister is the funniest person she has ever met..

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