Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone!
Sunday morning Bella woke up to her Easter basket and that silly bunny hid all the Easter eggs all around the house! She had a blast looking for them and had to open every single one of them as she found them.

The Easter Bunny brought.. bubbles, chapstick, a movie, coloring book/markers, finger puppets, a bunny and a little bit of candy. Her eggs were filled with play jewelry, stickers, toys and a few had candy. We really didn't want to go crazy with candy!

Finding Easter eggs :)

We spent the afternoon at my parent's house with them and Skye and AJ's family. We had a nice Easter lunch. The kids spent time playing outside and coloring with sidewalk chalk. It was a beautiful Easter day!

Easter Eggs!

We colored eggs on Friday at my mom's house. Bella loved it this year. She had fun dunking all the eggs and was even able to get them out on her own.

She even made up her own Easter dance and I caught it on video..

Bella's eggs

Saturday we went to a birthday party for Mason my best friend's little guy. They had an Easter egg hunt for the kids outside.

Bella and Jake

Hunting for eggs
Bella loves hunting for eggs and gets so excited when she finds them!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Backyard Adventures

Sorry I haven't been posting as much. Bella had the yuckiest chest cold ever last week and then it turned into an ear infection this weekend. Not fun!

Yesterday was such a pretty day that I knew some fresh air would do her good. My parents came over and helped me do some yard work.

These friendly horses are our next door neighbors. Bella LOVES them. We brought some carrots out to them and they were so happy.

We also found one of these...
 I think it's pretty cute actually. I just don't like when they sneak up on us like the one the other day.. we were in the front yard and one slithered into Bella's sandle. Yikes!

 My stepdad Rex wasn't afraid of the snake but petrified of this tiny spider. Yes, it's as small as it looks!

We also had fun coloring with sidewalk chalk. It's Bella's favorite thing to do outside. You can see where she colored a "rainbow" it's the blue arch right behind her. Smart girl!

This weather is driving me crazy! Nice one day, rainy the next. I'm so excited for summer! Are you?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I know she loves me..

..when she takes off the sticker from her shirt and puts it on mine.

..when she picks dandelions from the yard while outside with her daddy and brings them to me.

..when she insists on sitting in my lap all weekend because she is sick.

..when she says "lub (love) you mommy".

Bella has been sick all weekend which doesn't make for such a fun or productive weekend. But it does make lots of time for movies and snuggling!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vegas Baby!

We had such a good time in Las Vegas. It was just the little getaway I needed. The weather was pretty nice. It was a little bit chilly but perfect hoodie weather.

This was the longest car trip Bella has been on. She did really well! At one of our stops we bought a Dora DVD and that helped!

Bella testing out the hotel phone

Dad & Bella testing out the bed

On Thursday we went to Toby Keith's I love this Bar & Grill. The food was delicious!

Friday me, Justin & Bella headed down to the strip and my parents and Ty went and did monster truck stuff. We went to Circus Circus, Treasure Island, The Mirage and the Venetian. We all met up later that night and went to Jack in the Box.

Saturday we all went to the MGM Grand to see the lions, M&M world and to the Coca Cola factory where Bella fell in love with a 10 foot polar bear. Anytime a stranger would get in the elevator or try to talk to her she would cover her eyes but she wasn't afraid of this huge polar bear. I wish I had it on camera. It was sooooo adorable! That night we went to the Monster Jam World Finals. I really thought Bella might be afraid of the monster trucks but she LOVED them! She fell in love with the puppy monster truck (Monster Mutt). She did so good at the show and fell asleep right before the freestyle championship. Which kinda sucks because that's the fun part.

Grandma, Bella, Ty

Sunday we went down to the strip again. We met up with AJ and went to the Stratosphere, Toby's Bar and Grill again (my mom needed to hit the gift shop, surprise surprise :), and we went to see the sharks at Mandalay Bay. It was so neat!

More Dora!

 I was so afraid of losing Bella in Vegas. She is so independent right now and has to walk every where we go. I decided to buy one of the animal backpacks that have a "leash" attached. It was the best decision ever but I was surprised by the funny looks and comments we'd get. Some teenage boys were walking behind us and said, "look at that.. they have that girl on a leash". Rude! Whatever. Apparently they have never had to keep track of a two year old.

Bella with her monkey backpack.

It was a great trip! I can't wait until our next vacation. I'm hoping to go to Disneyland next year!