Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Katelynn's 1st Birthday!

 My little princess had her 1st birthday!

Kate at one year:
-Everyone who meets Kate comments on her sweet personality and notices how happy she is
-She walks more now than she crawls
-LOVES her dad. She has since the second she was born and hasn't grown out of it.
-She plays peekaboo, claps and plays pat-a-cake
-Says mama, dada, ny ny (night night), hi, na na (banana)
-She loves trying new foods. Bananas are her favorite.
-She is very friendly and smiles at everyone that she can. She gets a lot of attention when we go shopping.
-She loves to snuggle.
-She likes climbing and can get up onto the couch, stepstools and little chairs.
-She is very ticklish 

 Kate's party was held at our house with all of the family and cousins. Kate loved all the attention!

 I had little crowns and wands for the girls.

Kate's cake was so cute but the shimmery frosting was so hard to photograph!

We love you Katelynn!