Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Christmas Surprise..

 A few days before Christmas, we went to the doctor for our regular pregnancy checkup. The doctor was doing an ultrasound when she asked, "so.. how much have you bought for the baby?"We answered that we really hadn't bought anything of significance. She said, "good because you might be having a boy!"

The doctor got a good shot of what could be "boy parts" but there was so much cord in the way that she couldn't get another good shot. She looked and looked but just couldn't get another view to tell us what we are having. So we don't know! We will be so excited to find out what we are having.. again. I don't care either way. It was exciting to think of having another little girl and to give Bella the sister that she really wants but of course it would be fun to have a little boy too.

We should find out at our targeted ultrasound at the end of January!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas morning we managed to sleep in until about 8. Well Justin and Bella did. 
I woke up several times (the first time at 3 am). They are lucky I let them sleep in.
It is Christmas after all.

The one thing Bella consistently asked for (besides a swimming pool, a baby and a horse) was a pink puppy. Santa definitely came through on that one.

She woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed and started opening all of her gifts. 
She wanted to stop and play with each thing. 
She probably would have been happier if she didn't have to stop and unwrap them all. 

She really likes her new roller skates, blocks, tractor and all the goodies she got in her stocking. 
She also got lots of arts and crafts stuff since she is the little artist of the family.

She LOVES her new baby doll complete with a stroller and medicine bag.

Her big gift this year was a mobigo game system complete with case and a few games. 

She has been too busy this morning to really sit down and play with it.

But.. her most favorite gift ever is a super duper.. harmonica!

Grandma, Grandpa and Ty Ty called us on FaceTime (notice the phone with the baby doll in the stroller) and Bella serenaded them all with songs from her "monica" all morning. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your day is wonderful!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! 
The reindeer food has been made and sprinkled in our yard. Christmas Eve PJs are on!

Santa is coming TONIGHT!

Birthday & Gingerbread Houses!

Sunday we celebrated my mom's birthday. We went to La Puente and then afterwards went to my sister's house to have some cake and ice cream.

Bella insisted on getting grandma a gingerbread house so we bought a couple so that the kids could decorate them together.

It was really fun! Bella, Tayzhia & Drayven (a little boy my sister watches) all decorated one and Gretchen and Emma decorated the other one.

I was really impressed with both of the houses. They did a great job!

Emma and Gretchen's
Tazy, Bella and Drayven's

My sister baked two cakes and they were both delicious.

Afterwards we went over to Layton Park and drove through the lights. I love December!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Polar Express 2011

Last night we went to Heber to ride the Polar Express. We all loved it! We went with my parents, little brother and my sister's family.

First we ate dinner at the Dairy Keen. It is the cutest little hamburger restaurant and the food was really tasty.

We headed over to the train station a little bit earlier because we wanted to make sure we were all sitting together on the train.

We had about a half an hour wait in the cold. Brrr! It was freezing. I didn't bring a coat. Justin was extra smart and brought hand warmers. He is the thinker of the family. We finally got to board the train and we were all together! Good thing since we were first in line for our coach.

We got to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies on the train ride. Our hostess, Rudy the reindeer, was hilarious. We learned how to do the reindeer cheer and how to give reindeer kisses.

Rudy helped the kids make magic snowballs. Bella thought that was really fun!

We sang Christmas carols and Bella even fell in love..

His name is Sunshine and it just so happens that he is an elf. A real elf! ;)  Bella thinks she loves him. He was nice enough to take a picture with her.

The girls all danced in the aisle while waiting for the train to switch directions.

Finally Santa boarded the train and gave all the kids a jingle bell. Bella LOVES Santa!

I love spending time with all of the family. This one definitely one of the bests nights I can remember. My mom bought us all matching ornaments for our tree. I'm glad it has the year on it since we plan on doing this every year and will have to buy a new ornament each time! Definitely our new family tradition!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Bucket List update..

Only a week left until Christmas and we only have half of our list checked off. It's going to be a fun week!

[x] Ride the Polar Express
[ ] Go Sledding
[x] Look at Christmas Lights
[x] Visit Santa Claus
[x] Put up Christmas Tree
[x] Make Paper Snowflakes
[x] Decorate a Gingerbread House
[x] Make Ornaments
[x] Go to Christmas village
[ ] Write a Letter to Santa
[x] Christmas Movie Night with Treats
[x] Craft Night to Make Gifts

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Checking off our list

We have had such a fun month and it's not even half way through! This is the first Christmas that Bella really understands and we have been making sure we try everything.

We made paper snowflakes and hung them around the house. They are so pretty!

We visited Santa Claus (again) and had some pictures taken.

And this silly elf has been making his way around the house. Bella named him Frag.

Next weekend we have tickets to go ride the Polar Express and we can't wait! We decided instead of exchanging family gifts that we would all go ride the Polar Express together. It's a tradition that we plan on keeping!

Friday, December 9, 2011


I started a new blog to share all my BzzAgent adventures. If you are interested in following, visit this link. I'll be posting a couple new reviews tomorrow :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mr Grinch

Bella has a new BFF. He has actually been around for quite a few months but I'm just getting around to posting about him.

I'd like to introduce you to Mr Grinch! He goes for car rides with us..

And Bella insists on him being seat belted so that "he can be safe!". He goes to sleep when we do and he even has to get dressed. All the way down to his underwear. Some of Bella's clothes that she has grown out of fit him. Barely.

We went to the wood store a couple of weeks ago and we fell in love with these letters..

Bella insisted on taking a picture by it. We bought it and just have to paint it now. I should get on it since it's already December now.

I really hesitated on letting her watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas because I didn't want her to know that he is mean. She loves him too much. But I decided to go for it and we watched the Jim Carrey version. I don't really love that version. I think we will go buy the cartoon one. She said she still loves him.. so I guess it wasn't too bad of an idea. At least it has a good ending and it is one of my favorite Christmas stories of all time.

Such a silly girl! I guess we will call her our little Cindy Lou Hoo!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Willard Bay Christmas 2011

Every year we go see the Christmas lights at Willard Bay. It's cheap to get in and they always have a great display. We LOVE it!

This year we stopped and rode the wagon and visited Santa. I can't believe how much fun it was.

Bella was a tiny bit apprehensive to see Santa but as soon as he held his arms up to her, she climbed right up on his lap. He asked her what she wanted and she didn't really say anything. He asked if she wanted a dolly and she said yes. As we were leaving she remembered that she wanted a swimming pool and insisted on going back. She climbed right up and they had the following conversation..

Bella: I want a swimming pool for Christmas.
Santa: A swimming pool? A little one for your Barbies or a big one?
Bella: Like a big one.
Santa: Oh, a big one. So you can swim in it in the summertime?
Bella: Yeah
Santa: Well, we will see what we can do. Okay?
Bella: K

Funny. Right? Good luck Santa on finding a swimming pool in December. I suggested an IOU. Sounds like a great plan.

Bella loved riding the wagon pulled by mules. I did too. It was pretty cold and snowing but it was so much fun. It drives down where all the lights are and there is music playing too. So magical! The pictures aren't great, I didn't bring my camera but thank goodness for camera phones :)

In case you are wondering, it's $9 a carload to get in and that includes the wagon ride and Santa visit. If you haven't been before, it's totally worth it!