Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bella, Babies & Baseball

Okay so once again I apologize for the cell phone pics.. does anyone else just find it easier since you always have a cell phone around?

The time is slooooowly ticking down to the time our new baby will be here! I am so excited. The best part is, it's only 12 days away! I'm scheduled for a repeat c-section on May 3rd! I cannot wait! I honestly wouldn't be surprised though if she decides to come earlier. We almost ended up in L&D last night but we held out and I felt better this morning. She's officially full term now so anytime is good with me!

Bella has been such an angel lately. I feel really bad because we can't do all the things that we normally do and I'm not the funnest mom in the world right now. She has been such a good kid though and I keep telling her mommy will be fun again once the baby gets here!

We did sneak out of the house the other day for a date to Noodles & Co. One of our favs!


She is also being the biggest helper by becoming our new "baby product tester". She LOVES the baby's new stroller. It's funny because when she was at the age where it was nice to push her in the stroller sometimes, she wouldn't stay in there for anything. I bet I could go shop the entire mall right now and she wouldn't try to climb out once. 

The other day we went shopping with my best friend and she was babysitting her baby niece. Bella LOVED her and had fun practicing her baby talk :) She is going to be a great big sister! This picture is blurry but I don't care because it's so adorable!

Baseball season has officially begun! My little bro Ty is playing on a city rec team and on a competition team. He is soooo athletic. He is the only one out of all of us kids that is athletic.. so maybe he got extra athletic abilities and is gifted or something. Ha! Today was a double header and let me tell you.. being a big ole preggy penguin and sitting out in the heat for like 5 hours, doesn't mix well! But it was fun anyway!

This summer is going to be so fun with baseball and a new baby! I can't wait!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Bella woke up bright and early Easter morning. It took her a minute and all of a sudden she said "I think the Easter bunny came last week!" She is so silly! So we headed up to the living room to see if he came.. luckily he did!
All bright eyed and bushy tailed

Next year there will be two Easter baskets!

Checking out her Easter loot
After she found all the eggs and played a little bit, we all watched Hop. It was really cute. We had bought it earlier in the week and she refused to watch it because of this guy..
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She said "He is MAD mom!".. when they showed him in the movie she said "See! He IS mad!" She still watched it but did not like that guy at all!

After the movie we all got ready and headed over to my parents house. Bella had fun playing with her cousins and it was great having a whole day to visit with my sister. Easter dinner was really great and the best part was the strawberry shortcake!

We had a great Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bella at 3!

This girl is definitely not a baby anymore and has turned into a kid! She is such a little firecracker!

She has her grandma and grandpa wrapped around her little finger. Grandpa even bought her a kitty to keep at their house because she put her little hands and on his face and said "please grandpa". He is sort of a sucker that way.

Bella is very feisty and has the cutest personality. She is quite sassy for being 3 and Justin and I worry all the time about what she will be like as a teenager. :) She is going to make the best big sister in the world.

Some fun facts about Bella at 3

She loves cookbooks. She will go pull one of my of the shelf and look through it all day. Definitely her favorite kind of book to read. Her favorite is my Cake Pop book by Bakerella.

She loves spending time with her grandma and grandpa

She loves the snow

She loves the moon and stars

Our dog Onyx and her are quickly becoming BFFs

She loves flashlights

She hangs out in her underwear all day. Clothes are apparently optional at our house.

She loves to snuggle

She loves playing with the clothes from my closet.

She loves tv. Waaaayyyyy too much! I'm glad that it's almost summertime so that there is more to do!

She loves dancing and looks forward to her dance class each week. 

She loves to pretend. Lately she has been pretending she is a dog and will assign random characters to everyone else in the house. Just this week I've been a teacher, the Bubble Guppy with blue hair, Kai Lan.. she is usually the main character while I come in as a good supporting character. She makes sure she is the cutest one :)

Silly things Bella has said lately

Bella: Dad threw my paint brush away!
Me: Didn't he say it was broken?
Bella: Yes! But it wasn't garbage!

While carrying around a notebook and pen, Bella says, "I've got to finish writing my article!"

Dad doesn't understand me at all!

Bella: I'm going to punch you with my foot!
Dad: I think that's called a kick.
Bella: It's called an owie!

She also has a schedule that she checks quite frequently. "Mom! I've got to check my schedule!" And she will pretend to mark it off when she finishes something. I have NO idea where she got this from as neither me or Justin have a schedule that we have to follow.

We love you Isabella!

Bella's Easter Pictures!

Normally I just take all of Bell's pictures myself but I saw this Easter mini shoot and knew I had to do it because they had bunnies! I've talked about how much Bella loves animals and knew she would love this. I'm really happy with the pictures that we got out of it! Here are some of my favorites..

I'm actually surprised there were so many good ones with her smiling because as soon as they got a smile out of her, she would go right back to this..
Cute anyway :) Pictures by Photo by Emilie