Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Miss Isabella

Does anyone else want to remember all the little details about their children? I wish I could keep every little memory, remember every funny thing they say and relive every sweet moment that we share. Isabella is just such a sweet girl. I love everything about her. From her silly personality to her beautiful green eyes. She just simply sparkles.

The picture below shows in one little image how much patience Bella has with her baby sister. It rarely phases her when Kate cries. I've said it before but she really is the best big sister.

Bella loves to spend the night at her grandma and grandpa's house. She would probably stay there forever if I'd let her.

We have been working on learning the alphabet and phonics. She is getting really good at counting. 

She loves my iPhone and begs me for new apps every day.

She stills loves Spongebob Squarepants and macaroni and cheese.

She is very slowly growing out of her shyness. 

She is all of a sudden really worried about making Santa's "Naughty List." I find that to my advantage. :)

Bella recently started her 3rd year of dance. She is no longer in the "mommy and me" class and now gets to go by herself for a full hour. She really loves that she is a big girl and gets to go without me.. I'm not sure how to feel about that..

She is really well behaved for a three year old. She has her moments and sometimes she is nothing short of sassy, but she has a real understanding of others feeling and knows what it means to be respectful. She is such a beautiful & smart girl and I'm an incredibly proud mama!

Katelynn at 4 months old

I'm so behind on blogging.. tomorrow Miss Kate turns 5 months old and I'm just barely getting to her 4 month post.. forget about all the stuff in between!

Our little baby is turning into such a princess. She is very sensitive and also very jumpy, which Bella finds to her advantage. She likes to pop out of nowhere and tries to give her little sister a heart attack at least 3 times a day.

Katie had her 4 month checkup and everything is perfect with her development.
She weighed 14.7 lbs and is 25" long. Both in the 75 percentile.

My cute girls in their matching PJs (yes.. I'm THAT mom)

Kate also got the go ahead from her doctor to start baby food. Bella was so excited and couldn't wait to help feed her.

 Katie is enjoying more tummy time and her dad has introduced her to Yo Gabba Gabba.

Fun facts about Kate:
Rolls over from tummy to back and back to tummy. She's much better at rolling over from her back to her tummy and then gets stuck.
She loves her toes!
She was sleeping all the way through the month prior to 4 months.. but this month has been a little rough. I bought her some warm fuzzy jammies to help keep her warm in the night and that's helped a lot!

Kate hates grocery shopping. She cries the whole time while I make a mad dash like I'm a contestant on Supermarket Sweep.

 Katelynn is the little love bug of the family and is definitely turning into a princess! We absolutely adore her!