Saturday, February 16, 2013

Life around here

Me & the girls have been battling the worst cold ever. If it's going around, we seem to catch it lately! This one has really taken me out. I'm just barely staring to get my energy back and ready to take on the world. Well.. not yet but I'm getting there ;)

Early morning sicky snuggles with my princess

The girls have still had plenty of energy, even with being sick and Bella loves that Kate is getting big enough to play. BFFs in the making! I have had enough of this winter and I'm so ready for the sunshine!

Basketball season has started back up so we go & watch my not so little brother Ty play each week. He is amazingly talented! ALL of the athletic ability for the family was distributed to him and none of the other siblings. :) Not really that fair, if you ask me.

I started a new workout program that I know that I'm going to love! I was only 2 days into the first week before getting sick so I'm just going to start over in a few days. It's basically only a 3 day a week program so I'm planning on doing some TurboFire workouts or go to Zumba (my favorite!) on my off days.

Les Mills Pump is all about building muscle which honestly kind of scares me because I need to drop some poundage. I don't want to add bulk to not so muscle-y bulk, ya know? The hulk is NOT what I'm going for. But I've really looked into strength training and adding muscle is the best way to burn excess calories and that equals weight loss. Ta da!

I've been really busy with custom design jobs lately. After Kate was born I didn't take on as much custom work and while it was really nice to have extra time with the family, I missed working with customers and having to step outside of my comfort zone. I've also been adding lots of new designs to my shop and it's been fun!

Well, that's about it! We are still here.. I've just been a slacker in the blogging department!

Kate at 9 months

 Lately Kate is a big ball of trouble and cuteness, all wrapped up in one. She started crawling when she was around 8 months old and she insists on being on the go ever since then. She is a fast & early learner. And she is just plain adorable!

Kate's recent milestones-
Cruises along furniture and is really close to taking her first step.
Has 7 teeth with number 8 coming in too. Makes for a fun time!
She loves trying new food and loves vegetables. She would much prefer solid foods over formula. She loves crackers too!
She jabbers and talks all day long. Her first official work was "yum!" because she knows what it means and uses it appropriately. :)
She still loves bathtime and Bella is her favorite person ever.
She loves a catchy tune and shows it by doing her best baby dance. 

She recently went to the dr. and she weighs 19 lb 4 oz and she is in the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference.

Kate is sassy, smart & such a doll! She is growing way too fast and this momma is trying to soak up every sweet moment with her.

Thursday, February 14, 2013