Friday, June 29, 2012

June Favorites

Nars Blush in Orgasm- This blush is super pretty. It's a peachy color with a hint of gold sparkles. It really compliments my non-tan skin tone and it's still really pretty when I wear bronzer as well.

Instagram - I'm so over Twitter & Facebook. It's all about Instagram. I look at it as a mini-blog but all in pictures. And how adorable is this picture with Bella and her little "baby"?! Too sweet! She is really into baby dolls right now! Follow me - username sunnystanley

TurboFire- One of my friends posted about this workout program on her blog. It looked good so I bought it. I started it on Monday and I can see why it works. They weren't joking around when they named it an intense cardio workout. It's hard but such a good workout! I feel so much better when I workout and eat healthy. I'm looking forward to losing all this baby weight!

Dyson DC35- This has got to be my favorite cleaning tool - ever! It comes with different attachments that you can use with the long wand or you can take the wand off and use it as a handheld vacuum. It works great on our hardwood floors and our carpet. Cordless, small and versatile. I love it!

Smartfood Cinnamon Brown Sugar Popcorn - I bought this last week grocery shopping and I'm sad that I waited until today to try it. It's soooo good! I found it at Target. Yum!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Yesterday we took the girls to Lagoon for the first time. Bella is at the perfect age to ride the kiddie rides and she wasn't afraid of some of he bigger things she could go on either. She LOVED it! My parents, Ty, Skye, Jaden, Tia, Tayzhia, and some of Ty's friends also went. Bella went on her first large roller coaster.. BomBora! She went on almost all the kiddie rides and also went on Rattlesnake Rapids, Kontiki, Jumping Dragon and OdySea. Brave girl!

Katie slept pretty much the entire time in her stroller. She would wake up to eat and that was about it. She loves being outside in the fresh air. I don't blame her!

 It was great being there with almost the entire family (my brother in law couldn't make it because he had to work.. lame!). My parents were sweet enough to watch the kids for a bit so Justin and I could ride some rides together. Me, my mom, and sister all went on Wicked and it was so FUN! Me and my mom hadn't been on it yet and we loved it. It's my new favorite roller coaster!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dinosaur Park

Katelynn is finally big enough that we can start getting out of the house and having family time! Yay! Friday we headed off to the Dinosaur Park. We went in the early afternoon before it got really hot and it was perfect. I haven't been for years and years and I couldn't believe how much it has changed.
Bella was surprised to see how large the dinosaurs were. Her favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex. Baby Kate slept the entire time in her stroller. I couldn't believe it.

They have an area where you can pay to hunt for "treasures". Bella loves rocks right now, (what 3 year old doesn't?) so she really loved this idea. Her dad helped her and they found TONS! They didn't even all fit in the little bag they give them to take them home in.

We have so many fun things planned. I love summertime!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Katelynn - One month old!

Baby Katie is officially one month old! I can't believe how quick this first month has gone. It's been a little bit hectic but we are really getting into the groove of things with being a family of FOUR!

-Sleeps for 3-4 hours during the night. Bella started sleeping through the night at 2 months.. so we shall see.
-Still wearing newborn clothes.
-I think we got a real smile today when her daddy was talking to her.

Katie loves baths, her big sister, being held and her binky. She does pretty good sleeping in her bassinet at night until the early morning.

She does not love getting changed. She also doesn't love her swing, bouncer or anything else that requires being put down.

Crying doesn't even phase Bella anymore :)

Best buddies!

We love you Katie bug!