Friday, November 23, 2012

Katie Baby at 5 and 6 months

I'm still way behind on blogging but better late than never! Right?

Katie has 2 bottom tooth and is working on a top tooth
She can roll over both ways really well
She is still waking up for one feeding in the middle of the night
Katie LOVES daddy and HE loves it!
She is really good at army crawling
It's pretty easy to get her to smile and laugh now
She has said dada once and she jabbers all day long
She loves grabbing anything that is in reach. Trying to make her a bottle while holding her is lots of fun because she goes crazy trying to get everything!
She lost quite a bit of hair recently but it was quickly replaced and her hair is starting to get full again.

 These two are going to be trouble soon. They love each other so much!

I love love love this baby!

Halloween 2012

Yes, I know Halloween was almost a month ago.. but I'm just barely getting around to blogging it!

Sweet little Kate was a cute elephant. It's pretty much the only time that you can be an elephant for Halloween and get away with it. She was so adorable!

 This was the only decent picture I got of the two girls together. Yay me!

 This year I told Bella she could could choose what she wanted to be for Halloween. Every other year I've picked out a costume for her but I felt that she was old enough (and it would be more fun) for her to pick her own.

It sounds like a good idea until her suggestions were a tree or a leaf..seriously? Finally she decided on the tooth fairy and I thought it sounds good and easy! So we headed off to the costume store but she didn't like any of the fairy costumes. She said none of them were the tooth fairy. As we were walking back to the car, I asked her what the tooth fairy looked like. She said she has a big pokey skirt and she made huge hand gestures. ????? She said she saw the fairy on Yo Gabba Gabba. As luck would have it, right when we got home that episode was on and there she was!

So my sister helped me sew up an apron. We made a vinyl heat transfer for the tooth and some felt and button embellishments.. and there you go! Later on she said, "Oh mom! It was her wand that was pokey!" Silly girl.

 She was a happy camper :) And an adorable tooth fairy! Halloween night we walked around Skye's neighborhood and the weather was beautiful!

 Bella wanted to paint her pumpkin again this year. So she went to town with paint and glitter.

 Katie baby kept us company. She seriously gets cuter by the day!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Playroom Makeover - A Storyboard

I'm working on a new playroom downstairs for the girls and I can't believe how much work it is! I'm pretty sure I over think these things! The carpet is an olive green color and I really don't want to get new carpet right before Christmas. Plus the carpet is in fairly good condition still so I decided it would be really silly to get new carpet just because the color is hideous. I was shopping at target a few days ago and found a rug with an olive green that would really tie in everything. I decided to put everything together on a storyboard and I really like how it all comes together. Now I just need a little elf to come and do all the hard work!

Zebra Throw, Target
Rocket Ship Play Canopy, Land of Nod
Rug, Target (can't find online)
Curtains, Wayfair
Paint Colors: G- Glidden SW- Sherwin Williams

Still needed - Toy storage, stuffed animal storage, wall decor (decals?), throw pillows for couch