Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things I love

One of my friends shared a list on her blog of things she likes so I thought I'd share mine.

Swiss Miss diet hot cocoa. One Point for those of you tracking! I really love it!

Wallflower scents from Bath & Body Works. 
These last so much longer and they have every B&BW scent ever!

I love love love these and hardly wear anything else. 
Very sparkly and highly pigmented.  

I don't think I can buy this again! 
I can't keep out of it. 
It's as high in calories and fat as regular peanut butter so 
I don't think I'd doing myself any favors by eating it but it is a-maz-ing! 

Mason jars. I love them! 
These ones are in my kitchen and holds pens, suckers, money and my Ikea chip clips. 
The larger one in the back is just for decoration. 

Sorry for the terrible pic, I had a hard time with this one! 
This is my newest print from 1canoe2. I think the little illustrations of each president is adorable.