Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tree of Wind Chimes

At the Ogden Cemetery near my dad's grave is a huge old tree with a dozen or so wind chimes. It's one of the first things we noticed when we went there for the first time. Every year we try to find the perfect wind chime to hang in the tree. I love the sound they make. I found one today to hang in the tree for his birthday next month.

 You always hear that time eases the pain of losing someone but I don't find that true. As the years go by, all that changes is more time lost. Birthdays, holidays, graduations. My dad didn't get to meet my girls, not on this Earth anyway. But I guess time does soften the edge of the pain you feel. Some days are harder than others still. I could use his advice today. I miss him but I know he is always here.

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